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00:01 [Music] Chuck: Welcome to the city of Menifee, one of the fastest-growing in Southern California and the fastest growing city in southwest Riverside County

00:09 My name is Chuck and I'm what you might call a local celebrity around here... Gentlemen,
no more photos [Passers-by, confused now]

00:18 Now, you smell that? That's fresh! If a community had a new car smell it would definitely be the city of Menifee... "Ma'am you dropped this"

00:32 Menifee has a nostalgic, small-town feel with new energy and the incoming trendy entertainment a modern family or active senior needs! With a diverse and brand-spanking-new community

00:42 Loaded with quality upscale housing, it's the perfect place to grow your kids and your business

00:48 Now if you're a fellow entrepreneur, business owner, or a commercial developer you're in luck! Menifee offers an incentive program

00:55 Daughter, selling lemonade: Wait, so I get rewarded for doing my business here? Chuck: It's crazy right?

00:58 They should call this place Meni-anti-fees, get it because they don't...  Daughter: "That's not funny..." Chuck: Ah, youth...

01:15 Now speaking of youth, Menifee itself has been aging in reverse, kind of like Benjamin Button

01:20 Menifee has grown from a humble retirement community to a premier destination for modern, younger, upper-middle class families

01:27 Now talk about early adaptors! This older and wiser generation, they've paved the way for the cool cats that are moving here faster than you can send a tweet

01:36 That's what I call an OG nonfat half-caf

01:38 Leonard hey, who's that? That's a dope track by local legend and rapper Warren G. A real-life OG who's made Menifee he's home

01:46 Oh yeah drop it - Sick [high-fives]!

01:49 [Music]

01:51 So your business could be a manatee in a Menifee growing pond. Need proof? At build-out Menifee will be the third largest city in the entire county.

02:00 With a hundred thousand residents currently living here and a pro-business climate, national companies are moving here

02:05 Now, why? Low cost of living, and a high quality of life, and a skilled workforce

02:10 Like this guy; Guy fishing: "Shh, you're scaring the fish"

02:14 Chuck: So get in now. Because you know what they say; the early bird is the most successful, and has a great head of hair

02:26 Now, I know what you're thinking; "...where the heck is Menifee, Chuck?"

02:30 Well, good news, Menifee is centrally located. It's only an hour from all the Southern California major metropolitan cities

02:37 You can zip up to LA

02:39 You can cruise down to San Diego. Freeway access? Prime

02:42 It takes you to lush lakes, great trails, wine country and of course, Pechanga. Jackpot!

02:48 Now, by the way, do you need open flat land? 'Cause I got some good news for you. We've got land!

02:57 So Menifee is served by five international airports. In fact the March Air Force Base, this beauty here, serves as a port you can ship in or ship out whatever you want

03:06 You can drive it, you can fly it, or you can go by train. You can ship your goods, your dollars or your mother-in-law...

03:14 Mother-in-law: "Hey!" Chuck: Nancy, I'm working!

03:20 I'm supposed to mention sales revenue leakage!

03:24 $800 million dollars of sales revenue leakage to be exact, leaving the area every year

03:28 I'm not sure what it means but it sounds like a golden opportunity.

03:33 Chuck, to Nancy: So I'll see you at dinner?

03:35 [Music]

03:38 Hold onto your sandwich people, because Menifee partners with colleges on special programming to match industry needs

03:44 Universities like Mount San Antonio College, right here, have a regional impact of 700 million big ones

03:50 Just look at these savvy students available for hire

03:57 Wow! I have no idea what this is, but it sure seems fascinating

04:01 Welcome to Datatronics... Where the business here is so confidential, I have my own security escort.

04:07 But it's also a great place to talk about employment opportunities.

04:10 Menifee's targeting industries like advanced electronics

04:13 All the techs; biotech, green tech. Also; aviation, biomed, and IT

04:18 They have land set aside for tech. Technically, any kind of tech you want to bring

04:21 "Whoo... This looks fragile..." [Security]; "Hey, don't touch that"

04:30 So as a local real-estate celebrity, if there's one thing I, know it's zoning

04:34 Now Menifee has specific zoning set aside so that your business can have its ideal location.

04:40 So you can do what? Bring home the bacon

04:42 Now the EDC has taken the guesswork out of zoning

04:47 The EDC may sound like a random acronym to you, but trust me it's gonna help your business grow

04:52 Now I know I've given you a lot of facts, and let me guess your head is starting to spin

04:55 but hey, this guy knows what's up... [gestures to construction worker]

05:00 Contractor: Hey, you shouldn't even be here! Chuck: But they gave me a helmet?

05:05 So, you like what you hear? If I can't convince you to make the move to Menifee, maybe the smiles on these peoples stunning faces will [gestures to Menifee EDC team]

05:11 They're the economic development team who are committed to bringing your business to Menifee

05:16 A city with low costs, available land, streamlined processes, and a low interest in being like anyone else

05:21 So, what do you say team? Chuck and the Menifee EDC Team: "New, better, best... Menifee!"

05:25 [Music]




An economic powerhouse, Menifee has a regional draw of over 800,000. It ranks as the second safest out of 26 Riverside County cities. Menifee is close to everything California. Its family-oriented community, natural setting and sweeping vistas make it a fantastic city to live and work in.

Business Friendly at its BEST.

One of California's Fastest Growing, Business-Friendly Cities.

A vibrant, young city situated in the heart of Southwest Riverside County along Interstate 215, Menifee is one of the few communities in Southern California with available land in an economic development corridor. This business-friendly city is investing more than $155 million in infrastructure and traffic improvement projects over the next five years.

We're open for business.

Video Transcript

00:00 [Music]

00:07 Amy Bremner, M.D.: The southwest region of Riverside County welcomes new physicians and medical office professionals to work, live, and play in;

00:17 Mike Naggar; Mayor, Temecula: Temecula

00:19 Rick Gibbs, former Mayor: Murrieta

00:22 Steve Manos; Mayor, Lake Elsinore: Lake Elsinore

00:23 Tim Walker; Former Mayor/City Council, Wildomar: Wildomar

00:24 Lesa Sobek; Menifee Councilmember: Menifee

00:31 Chuck Washington; District 3 Supervisor, Riverside County: Our beautiful Southern California community features a world-class wine country, picturesque snow-capped mountains, and fresh ocean breezes that fill our valley every afternoon

00:45 Mike Naggar; Mayor, Temecula: Temecula, one of the largest cities in the region, is home to a thriving tourism industry that includes wine country, and a charming old town shopping district; Pechanga, California's largest Resort and Casino, Championship golf courses as well as a regional shopping lifestyle center; the promenade in Temecula

01:10 There are so many opportunities for the medical profession here in Temecula. It's becoming more metropolitan but keeping its world family-friendly feel.

01:26 From the rolling hills of Santiago estates to the equestrian neighborhood of Meadowview, we are ranked the top School District in the county. They're coming here because of the quality of life.

01:35 And when I came here, from the moment I came, I knew this was going to be the place I was going to raise my family.

01:45 Rick Gibbs, former Mayor, Murrieta: Murrieta is well-known for a strong sense of community thanks to our police and fire departments we are ranked as one of the safest cities in the nation.

01:53 With twenty-three thousand kids in our school district and four separate large senior facilities, we have an incredible need for everything from primary care physicians to specialists.

02:06 There will be no lack of opportunities for doctors to set up practice in Murrieta and be quite successful.

02:12 Tons of centrally located new housing opportunities mean you are only a short drive from Loma Linda, Kaiser in Rancho Springs medical facilities

02:22 Not to mention Rady Children's which recently celebrated the grand opening of a new 60,000 square foot Medical Plaza, right here in Murrieta. How awesome is that

02:32 Jerry Hizon, M.D.: Southwest Riverside County has grown exponentially and so has its need for health care. In the past decade new cities have formed in our valley; including Menifee and Wildomar, and our regional population is now over half a million.

02:48 New hospitals and hospital expansions in all our cities have created an exciting, high quality medical hub for all of Southern California

02:57 [Music]

03:04 Steve Manos; Mayor, Lake Elsinore: Lake Elsinore is welcoming thousands of new residents businesses and visitors each year. Centrally located along interstate 15 it is home to Southern California's largest natural freshwater lake.

03:18 Its' legacy's built on its' unique history; filled with extreme activities and action sports.

03:25 From a medical perspective I would say that Lake Elsinore being a growing community represents a growing need for services in the medical industry.

03:32 There's a great opportunity in that respect; most residents in our area have to travel outside of the city to get emergency services or maybe specialty services. So the opportunity is phenomenal and it's growing

03:48 Tim Walker; Former Mayor/City Council, Wildomar: Wildomar was established in 1886 and incorporated in 2008 we take pride in being a safe and active community.

03:57 And with quick access to the 15 and 215 freeways we are close to everywhere you need to be.

04:07 A couple years ago I went through cancer here. One of my biggest concerns when I started looking for doctors and stuff I was like; "where am I going to go", you know; "where can I get the best help".

04:16 I tell you what, I found it right here in my own little town. If I wasn't able to have that surgery here and get it taken care of right away, and not that prolonged time, it could have made

04:25 my life different. I was lucky. We have good doctors, but we need more good doctors.

04:36 Lesa Sobek; Menifee Councilmember: Menifee is a vibrant new community creating a buzz as a fastest growing city in the region. we have new, clean shopping, wonderful schools, we have a college

04:46 [Music]

04:47 It seems like almost every month there's a new business opening up. but yet it's still rule, it's a place where you just

04:57 want to call home. So we have fun, we live, it's safe we love it and we just welcome you to come. We need you

05:06 Maheswari Senthil, M.D.: This is an amazing community. I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to

05:12 expand our practice here, because this is a gem of a place. And I think any

05:16 physician who comes out here would have an amazing place to raise your family,

05:19 great partners to collaborate, wonderful patients to take care of who're extremely

05:25 grateful for the care they receive.

05:29 Brent Jacobson, M.D., Southwest Healthcare System: So why aren't you here? I mean in case you can't tell by now, Southwest Riverside County has everything you could ever want. And while each of these cities

05:37 offer something unique, combined they provide the perfect conditions for

05:41 happiness growth and success. I've lived here for over 15 years and it was the best decision I have ever made, both professionally and personally. So come see for yourself!

05:53 We would like to invite you to pay us a visit, and also become part of Southern California's fastest growing medical community

A Growing Economic POWERHOUSE.

  • Amenities In Demand

    In Menifee, a retail, dining and amenity leakage gap of more than $805 million exists. This leakage gap combined with a growing population desiring more amenities closer to home makes Menifee an undiscovered gem for retail/commercial development in Southwest Riverside County.

  • Booming Population

    Recognized as one of the top 10 cities for growth in Southern California with a 2.4 percent growth rate per year, Menifee is attracting young families that are clamoring for shopping, dining and entertainment amenities in their own community. As more developers are discovering this unique situation, Menifee is buzzing as the new hot spot in Riverside County.

  • New Upscale Housing

    Menifee’s housing capacity continues to grow, catering to incoming young families. There are 32 new residential projects under construction, with about 4 more in the pipeline (16,000 units yet to be built). Estimated more than 46,000 households by the end of 2025.

  • Young, Skilled Workforce

    Young and eager, the Menifee area has an abundant, skilled workforce available. With 58.3% of the population between the ages of 18 and 44 - these residents are ready for employment close to home.

A Heart for Service, a Vision for Business


Menifee residents and visitors have expressed a great demand for more retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters and entertainment venues. Menifee is buzzing as the new hot spot.

Join hundreds of other successful retailers who are opening locations in Menifee


A hot spot for restaurant site selectors. Menifee's beautifully landscaped, high traffic areas have a $179 million dollar restaurant leakage gap. Our restaurant incentive program creates measurable savings.

Bring them what they want. Upscale and casual dining options to choose from.


A prime destination for commercial business, with a population of over 90,000 and a regional draw of over 800,000 you can count on purchase-ready customers and a young, skilled workforce.

Looking for a great place to establish a commercial business with a young, educated workforce?


A growing regional medical hub, with close proximity to big area hospitals and medical centers, Menifee has three new medical related projects in progress.

Take your medical practice or firm to the next level in Menifee.


An ideal location for Industry, Menifee is centrally located. With quick access to suppliers and customers via rail, port, air and several well connected transportation arteries.

With easy access to transportation arteries, logistics from Menifee are a breeze.


If you have a need for land for your auto dealership, retail business, restaurant, or new office, our team is here to assist with the details through the entire process.

Our navigational service will walk you through the process, from blueprints all the way to grand opening.

Making Waves, Building Futures

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City of Menifee Business Spotlight program is a FREE business recognition program designed to create awareness about the variety of local businesses and their contributions to the Menifee community and region. Our community is encouraged to nominate their favorite local business by completing the application here.


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0:00 - 0:07 Shella Care Management Services is the premier provider of in home care for seniors and those with functional needs.

0:08 - 0:12 Shella intake specialist perform a comprehensive evaluation to help determine the level of care required.

0:13 - 0:19 Our mission is to place the perfect care giver with your loved one while providing peace and comfort to families

0:20 - 0:30 Shella care proudly supports the Shella Foundation, a non-profit partner providing assistance and grants to the most vulnerable in our communities. Contact us today.

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