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00:00 [Music] Narrator: Things are really moving in the city of Menifee, and our city hall is no exception

00:11 We have recently moved into a brand new, bigger and better facility. And have streamlined our processes

00:18 all with one goal in mind, to make it easier to conduct business. Streamline Menifee is a new initiative in the city of Menifee

00:25 focused on making customers' interactions with the city as convenient and effortless as possible

00:32 By bringing together all development departments on one floor, in a one-stop shop setting, we are saving customers time and money

00:39 By helping them obtain permits and approvals faster than ever. Now, one quick trip to our brand new business center

00:46 and you can take care of almost everything at once.

00:54 Menifee continues to focus on the latest technologies and customers can now submit certain types of plans for review. And even check the status of their application as well as

01:00 who is reviewing it online. We have also implemented a virtual concierge customer system. Allowing customers to check

01:07 current wait-times and even check-in for appointments from anywhere. And our Menifee City app allows customers and

01:14 residents to report issues; such as graffiti or potholes, or simply check for updates, right from their mobile device

01:21 Updating our development code was another priority of the Streamline Menifee initiative

01:27 By clearly defining the framework rules and regulations guiding project development in the city, Menifee is simplifying the development

01:34 process and removing any uncertainty. And our new flat fee structure was introduced so that partners can gain

01:41 certainty, with both project budgeting and processing times, through our three plan check process

01:47 But we are not stopping there, we have created the Rapid Response Team, a group of development staff specialists assembled to guide the

01:54 city's development process. By continually examining it and finding ways to enhance its efficiency and

02:00 effectiveness. Streamline Menifee isn't just a catchphrase at City Hall

02:08 It's a motto we live by. Because we know that when the development community is moving, we are all thriving

02:16 [Music]

The City of Menifee has created a new initiative, “Streamline Menifee,” that brings all City Development Departments together on one floor in a one-stop setting, along with enhanced technology, a new concierge-type customer system, a new flat fee structure, and updates to the development code, all in an effort to help customers obtain permits and approvals faster than ever, and save money.

The business-friendly change means that people who want to invest in Menifee are welcomed, as they come into the City Hall lobby where the One Stop Shop is located on the first floor. Customers are assisted through a series of work stations staffed by experts from several city departments, including planning, building, fire, business license and public works/ engineering.

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For more information about Streamline Menifee, please contact the Economic Development Department at (951) 672-6777 or email