Menifee’s Restaurant Week Recognized by Leading Economic Development Association

The City of Menifee’s Economic Development Department was recently presented with an Award of Merit from the California Association for Local Economic Development (CALED) for the Menifee Restaurant Week program. CALED stands as the top economic development association in California and has been at the forefront of educating economic developers, local elected officials, and state representatives on the significance of economic development.

January is historically known for an industry-wide restaurant slow-down and as a result, California has designated January as “Restaurant Month.” Various cities across the state introduce diverse programs and events with a distinct approach to bolstering local restaurants. In alignment with this effort, the City of Menifee introduced “Menifee Restaurant Week.” Residents and visitors alike are urged to explore Menifee’s expanding array of homegrown cuisines and popular local dishes while supporting their preferred dining spots.

Introduced in 2020, Menifee’s Restaurant Week has grown and evolved each year, offering various advantages for both business owners and the City including boosting sales, improving brand visibility, expanding their customer base, attracting new chefs and restauranteurs to Menifee, and promoting tourism. By encouraging participants to ‘put their money where their heart is,’ this initiative enhances the overall quality of life for our local businesses and residents in Menifee.

Menifee Restaurant Week was created by the Economic Development Department as part of a Business Retention and Expansion Program. This initiative aims to support local businesses by enhancing marketing efforts, attracting new customers, and urging residents to invest in the local economy. With Menifee facing a sales leakage of over $800 million, keeping and growing local businesses is a key focus for the Economic Development Department.

“The Award of Merit received by our Economic Development Department for the Restaurant Week program is a testament to the innovative initiatives taking place in Menifee,” said City Manager Armando G. Villa. “This recognition not only highlights the dedication of the City to support innovative economic development programs but also underscores the vibrant culinary scene and community spirit in Menifee.”

Participating in events like CALED’s award submissions not only offers a chance to showcase achievements but also provides inspiration for others looking to make a positive impact in their communities. Through these initiatives, cities like Menifee can continue to thrive and set a shining example for economic development and community engagement. For more information about CALED, please visit

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