Development Services

Your Inside Team

The City of Menifee values your investment in our community and wants your project to accelerate through the development pipeline as smooth as possible. Menifee’s Economic Development Team is committed to lending a helping hand as needed to ensure smooth sailing all the way through to grand opening of your project. As the fastest growing City in Southwest Riverside County, the City leads the region in development opportunities due to available prime freeway-frontage land.
Economic Development Corridor (EDC)

Business Liaison Services

Whether your business is relocating, expanding, or developing a new project in the City of Menifee, the Office of Economic Development offers a reliable single point of contact through every stage of the development process.

Site Selection Assistance

City staff can assist in compiling a list together of possible sites for your business, provide advice on zoning codes, and provide feedback about the need for additional permitting measures.

Menifee Economic Development - Your Inside Team


Rapid Response Team

Menifee has created a "Rapid Response Team" that serves as a project partner during any and all phases of the site selection, due diligence, entitlement, permitting, and construction processes. If an issue arises, the Rapid Response Team collaborates with the City's’ Development Divisions to help you find creative solutions!

Gina Gonzalez
Economic Development Director

Sonya Bu 
Fire Marshal

Cheryl Kitzerow
Community Development Director

Craig Carlson
Building and Safety Manager

Nicolas Fidler
Public Works Director

Development Help Desk

Community Development

Implementing the City’s vision and goals for community development and land use as established in the General Plan and Development Code.


General Plan

A general plan is a set of long-term goals and policies that decision makers will use to guide growth and development in the City of Menifee for the next several decades.



The California Legislature has adopted requirements for all local governments to further this goal by contributing to and advancing solutions to meeting their local and regional housing needs.



Providing overall guidance for the city's responsibility to satisfy the local and subregional circulation needs of our residents, visitors, and businesses while maintaining the city's quality of life.


Open Space & Conservation

Providing direction on how to cultivate and manage resources in the city, while preserving the rich historical and cultural resources located within the city's boundaries.


Community Design

Strengthening the city's community design identity-the collection of gateways, neighborhoods, corridors, development, rural areas, activity centers, and design amenities that compose the city's image.


Economic Development

Economic development is the growth and restructuring of a local economy toward community-defined goals for economic well-being.



Providing a strategy for city staff, residents, developers, and business owners to effectively address natural and man-made hazards in Menifee.



Policies for limiting the noise generated from future projects as well as means to abate existing noise problems.



The City of Menifee General Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) addresses the environmental effects associated with the implementation of the proposed Menifee General Plan.


Building & Safety Inspection

The Building and Safety Department provides inspection services to residents, developers and contractors.


Fee Schedule

City of Menifee current fee schedule as adopted February 2019.