Menifee Citizens Academy Logo Blue Seal with White Font and Orange Ribbon

Adults (18 years and older) who are Menifee community members and businesses who want to get more involved with the city have the opportunity to participate in a free 8-week Citizens' Academy to engage with City of Menifee Elected Officials, Executive staff, and learn about their local Menifee city government and the many aspects of how their city functions.

Opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Meeting with City Leaders, Department Directors, and staff
  • Learning how individual departments operate, with complete overviews and hands-on activities
  • Understanding how the local government allocates funds and how decisions are made
  • Learn about development, how it occurs, the process, and how businesses come to the city
  • Improve intercommunications between residents/businesses and City Hall

This program is a unique way for residents and business owners to participate in lively discussions and interactive activities with fellow community members and/or local business owners and become more involved and informed citizens and/or local businesses. The Citizens' Academy will continue as long as there is interest from the Menifee community.

Founding Citizens Academy Graduates!

group photo of the 2022 Menifee Citizens Academy graduates holding the Menifee Citizen's Academy Graduates Banner with Menifee council members, mayor, and economic development director in front of city hall
Menifee Citizens Academy Logo Blue Seal with White Font and Orange Ribbon Registration must be a menifee resident or Menifee business owner, and 18 years of age or older to register