Menifee Masters Real Estate Program 2019
Menifee Masters Real Estate Program 2020
Screenshot: Menifee Masters Real Estate Program live streaming (hosted by Gina Gonzalez, City of Menifee)

Menifee Masters is a certificate program designed for real estate professionals who work, sell, and do business in the City of Menifee and/or the Southwest Riverside County Region. This program is put on by the Menifee Economic Development team and designed to educate realtors on all of the programs and projects within the City of Menifee. The Menifee Masters course is a full day course where participants become a Master in all things Menifee and are deemed a Menifee Ambassador upon completion of the course.


Official Menifee Residential Real Estate Masters

The following Menifee Master's have completed the Menifee Masters program put on by the City of Menifee, and are considered Official Menifee Masters for completing the required hours and topics as it relates to Menifee's growth, services, and processing. Should you have any questions on the program, or the Menifee community, please contact the City's Economic Development Department at

*DISCLAIMER: The City of Menifee does not recommend one business over another, and always recommends conducting your own due diligence before consulting or hiring out services with any respective business.