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Not only is Menifee booming with residential growth, but Menifee is also home to the fastest growing California Community College, Mt. San Jacinto Community College (MSJC). Over the past two years, MSJC has grown 16%, and is expect to reach 50,000 students within next 8 years, surpasses the competing community college district to the north. MSJC is investing in the Menifee campus with a planned 5,000 seat stadium for their award winning athletic program, and to feature community events and concerts. With a concentration on Science and Technology in the City, MSJC has plans to invest $40 million into a STEM building which will house labs, Science and Technology Dept. programming to provide the skilled workforce for the incoming labor pools. The college is also investing $11 million in renovations this year alone with campus improvements and technology like the Makerspace, which houses shared tools and space for nano-technology and advanced manufacturing needs. With a $700 million regional impact provided by MSJC, along with housing higher education University, such as Brandman University, and Bellevue University, Menifee is proud to be recognized as a “College Town.”

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Menifee schools are ranked 2nd in Academic Achievements in Riverside County, and with the incoming young families in Menifee at record numbers, Menifee school districts are adding schools to keep pace with Menifee’s booming population. There are 5 future schools planned within the City limits, including 4 elementary schools, and 1 middle school. A new high school is also planned for the area. Menifee Union School District is working with their partners, the Romoland School District and the Perris Union High School District, to assist in the unification process for all schools to be recognized under one School District.


Menifee was recently recognized by as one of the safest cities in California. Menifee leadership is committed to maintaining this standard, as the City continues to increase public safety services and recently opened up a storefront police substation in the Sun City community of Menifee. In 2017 alone, Menifee increased police staffing by 13 positions and fire services by 10 new positions and converted from rural to municipal staffing. Public safety continues to be a priority for the City Council, as they recognize the importance of a safe community for the success of Menifee’s increased quality of life for residents. As an effort to enhance Menifee public safety, the City has started its own municipal police department. The City of Menifee has appointed its first Chief of Police, Pat Walsh. Chief Walsh joins Menifee after a 35-year law enforcement career. The new municipal police department officially rolled-out on July 1, 2020.



Attractive Business Incentives

Constantly seeking new and innovative ways to partner with our business community to contribute to Menifee’s thriving economy, the City of Menifee offers attractive business incentives for incoming businesses that appeal to the community needs and desires.



Menifee also understands how circulation plays a vital role in the quality of life of our residents, and businesses success. The City Council is committed to improving circulation and infrastructure throughout Menifee. Menifee Moving, the City’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP), approved in 2017, is a commitment to Park, Infrastructure, and Circulation Improvement projects over the next 5 years, aimed at improved quality of life for residents, and making it easier to do business in Menifee.

The Scott Road Interchange project, a $57.8 M investment, along Menifee’s second busiest east/west corridor, will begin construction the end of this Summer. This project will reconstruct a new, six-lane bridge, new loop on- and off-ramps, and additional turning lanes. These changes will improve traffic flow in what is becoming Menifee’s next hotspot for development.


A strong economy and regional growth, along with Menifee’s continued population growth, have strengthened demand in Menifee for more commercial and retail spaces. That demand is being met with more than 298 project applications that are working through the City’s approval and permitting process this year alone, with over 400,000 square feet of commercial space currently under construction or in plan check.

An additional 13 new commercial projects are slated to begin construction in the coming months to help address the $990 million sales leakage to neighboring cities.


This project provides protection from historic flooding and removes impacted properties from the 100 year floodplain, improve water quality by reducing topsoil erosion and pollutants and implementing water quality BMPs, construct drainage basins and remove 500,000 tons of silt and debris that currently flow to the San Jacinto River, provide flood control protection for the recently flooded Heritage High School, the fire station, existing Edison substation, businesses and homes.


Menifee’s housing capacity also continues to grow, catering to incoming young families. There are 16 new residential projects under construction, with about 45 more in the pipeline (19,000 units yet to be built). The City estimates there will be more than 37,000 households by the end of 2021.

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