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Menifee At a Glance

Whether your business is relocating, expanding, or developing a new project in the City of Menifee, the Office of Economic Development also offers a reliable single point of contact through every stage of the development process.

City staff can assist in compiling a list together of possible sites for your business, provide advice on zoning code and provide feedback about the need for additional permitting measures.


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With ready access to skilled labor, upscale residential communities, and an award-winning business friendly attitude, Menifee is well suited for...

  • High Tech

  • Financial Services

  • Green Tech

  • Business Services

  • Healthcare/Medical facilities

  • Higher Education

  • Software Companies

  • Engineering Companies

  • Medical Devices

  • Aviation

  • Telecommunications

  • Research and Development

  • Federal Contracts Industries

  • Corporate Offices/Manufacturers

  • Light Manufacturing

  • Foreign Investment Companies

  • BioTech/Life Science

  • Defense Contractors

  • And many more!

DEMOGRAPHICS A Great Community for Living & Working

Welcome to Menifee, California! Incorporated in 2008, the City of Menifee is already home to over 40,000 households, world-class establishments, award-winning libraries and schools, and over 105,000 residents. Marked as the fastest-growing city in Southwest Riverside County, and 6th in the state, many residents come to Menifee for room to breathe, while others come for the thrill of participating in the creation of a new and exciting community that is close to everything in California. Menifee’s family-oriented community, natural setting, and sweeping vistas make it a fantastic city to live, work, and play.

  • Location

    • Award-winning business-friendly City
    • Strong population growth
    • Local Community College and higher education facilities to partner for training, giving your business direct access to a top motivated labor force
    • Affordable modern upscale housing
    • Available land for commercial, retail, office, and business park
    • 35 beautifully maintained parks and miles of trails
    • A safe city bursting with community pride
  • Population

    Menifee is a boomtown with a high-growth trade area. In fact, since 2017, Menifee's growth rates have increased 38% since incorporation 10 short years ago and are projected to grow 10% more over the next 2 years, pushing Menifee well over 116,000 residents by 2023. Paradoxically, Menifee provides a safe, quiet suburban feel right in the middle of a large population center—over 480,000 people within a 10-mile radius of the Center of Menifee. Expand that radius to 15 miles, and the population increases to over 850,000—nearly one-third of the entire population of Riverside County.

    Young and Eager

    With rising numbers of new families - 48.7% of the Menifee population is between the ages of 18 and 44 and ready for employment close to home.

  • Education

    The Menifee Union Unified School District is one of the highest performing school districts in the entire county. The City lies within a one-hour drive of over 20 colleges and universities, with a combined enrollment of more than 150,000 students.

    Menifee is home to outstanding schools that currently rank 2nd in academic achievements in Riverside County.

    Not only is Menifee booming with residential growth, but Menifee is also home to the fastest-growing California Community College, Mt. San Jacinto Community College (MSJC). In 2017, MSJC has grown 16% percent year over year, with over 27,000 students, and is expected to reach 50,000 students within the next 10 years. Our Community College is investing in the Menifee Campus, increasing ready access to a motivated and skilled workforce to meet the needs of incoming businesses.

  • Housing

    The City of Menifee offers affordable upscale housing providing residents with a high quality of life.

    • 900 Houses under construction each month
    • 25 tracts under construction 
    • 4 more in plan review
    • 8 More in plan check
    • The City has over 6,500 single-family and 1,300 multi-family units approved for construction
    • 2,500 units to be built within 2 years

    A Derrigo Study projected 116,525 residents in two years, a 10% increase, and a new home value of $563k!

  • Workforce

    Due to strong population growth, the Menifee area offers ready access to a pool of skilled labor.

  • Income

    In 2022, the current average household income is $109,395.


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