Menifee Named One of the Top 20 Safest Cities in California

In its recently released Safest Cities Report for 2024, Safewise has named Menifee as one of the safest cities in California. The report ranked Menifee at #18, placing the city in the top 20 of all cities statewide. The report can be reviewed at

The City of Menifee has maintained a strong commitment to public safety. In July 2020, the City launched the Menifee Police Department with over 60 officers and 17 professional staff. Today, the department has grown to nearly 130 officers and support personnel.

“The City Council's vision to create and support a local police department has allowed us to better serve the community and improve our response times throughout the city,” said Menifee Police Chief Chris Karrer. “The men and women of the Menifee Police Department, many of whom call Menifee home, remain committed to keeping our community safe.”

In its short history, the Menifee Police Department has developed into an award-winning agency that
continues to utilize new technology to bolster its crime-fighting and prevention capabilities. Additionally, programs such as Project Lifesaver and You Are Not Alone (YANA) have helped support vulnerable populations including special needs individuals prone to wandering and older adults.

“While we are pleased to be named one of the safest cities in California, we will continue to strive to
move towards the top of the list,” said Mayor Bill Zimmerman. “Public safety remains a top priority for
our City Council and we have solidified that support through significant investments to both the Menifee Police Department and our fire services provided by CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department.”

To further strengthen the City’s fire capabilities, the City of Menifee added a new Medic Squad at Sun
City Fire Station #7 in September 2022. This vital resource has helped to support one of the busiest fire
stations in Riverside County, reducing emergency response times and ensuring better citywide coverage. The cost of the $275K medic squad was fully funded by the Menifee Quality of Life Measure.
Passed by Menifee voters in November 2016, the Quality of Life Measure (also known as Measure DD)
approved a one-cent sales tax to provide local funding that cannot be taken by the State. The funding
provided by the measure has allowed the City to maintain and enhance numerous city services including emergency preparedness, police and fire services, and road safety and traffic mitigation.