The 9th Shield Selected as Menifee’s May Business Spotlight

The City of Menifee is thrilled to announce “The 9th Shield” as the May Business
Spotlight, a program that is a part of the Economic Development Department’s B3 (Building Better
Businesses) program.

The 9th Shield is known for the peace of mind they provide to their clients and the community
through the wide variety of services they offer including skip tracing and asset searches,
investigations, locating of people and possessions, K-9 narcotic and explosive detection, active
shooter prevention, security guards, and executive armed protection. With their dedicated and
thoroughly trained teams, The 9th Shield offers security with protection and information that has
led to fulfilling a legacy.

The 9th Shield is a private security and investigative agency founded by Justin Metoyer, a Menifee
resident, who was inspired by his father’s legacy. Justin’s father, Leo Metoyer, decided to not reenlist in the Marine Corps when his son was born, but stayed dedicated to civil service. He served
for 17 years in multiple city police departments and the Regional Transportation District (RTD).
When Justin was 17, his father passed away due to cancer; however, his memory and legacy
lived on through his children. Justin found a passion for protecting and serving others just like his
father and dedicated himself to private security and investigations as well as volunteering with first
responders. He founded “The 9th Shield,” honoring his father by using his badge number (#9) in
the company’s name.

When deciding where to locate his venture, Justin could not help but choose Menifee. His brother
was a dedicated Fire Engineer for Station 76, and it was only a short time before he not only
worked in the city but resided there. Justin was drawn to Menifee through his familial ties and, like
his brother, saw the community’s growth, potential, and dedicated work of its civil servants.
Justin is an active Menifee Police Department volunteer and assists the police department in
creating neighborhood watch teams, patrolling local schools, providing services to the senior
community, and relieving officers from completed incidents so they can attend to more pressing
matters. Furthermore, Justin’s dedication to Menifee is demonstrated through his membership in
the Menifee Chamber of Commerce.

“The 9th Shield has undoubtedly provided an additional shield of surveillance and protection to
Menifee that is felt by residents and visitors alike,” said Mayor Pro Tem Bob Karwin. “Thank you
for extending your protective strength to Menifee and always going above the call of business.”