Anguiano’s Bakery Selected as Menifee’s November Business Spotlight

MENIFEE, CA – The City of Menifee is thrilled to announce “Anguiano’s Bakery” as the City’s
November Business Spotlight, a program that is a part of the Economic Development Department’s
B3 (Building Better Businesses) program.

Anguiano’s Bakery is a family-owned business that opened in 2020, specializing in hand-crafting
delectable Mexican Pan Dulce. Adrian Anguiano, along with his mother Maria Magdalena who is the
mastermind behind the scrumptious pastries, manages the bakery. The term “Pan Dulce” translates
to “sweet bread” and encompasses a variety of Mexican pastries. The bakery offers an array of sweet
and savory options, including seasonal pastries, sweet empanadas, and breads. One of the most
popular varieties are Conchas, a Mexican sweet bread with a crisp and delightful topping. This colorful
bread is scored on top to create intricate patterns similar to seashells. It’s a customary breakfast dish,
paired with a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, or milk.

Seeking guidance from mentors, Magdalena and Anguiano learned the craft of creating Pan Dulce.
Typically, Magdalena’s day begins at 2 a.m., when she and her sister create the delicacies from
scratch. Anguiano, on the other hand, begins his day around 4 a.m., assisting in the bakery’s
preparation to open. Anguiano said, “While the days are long and it’s hard work, it’s rewarding seeing
these dreams come into fruition.” Since opening, Anguiano’s Bakery has been a resounding success
and the bakery has experienced consistent sellouts daily, particularly on weekends.

Anguiano’s Bakery prioritizes quality over quantity in its business model, utilizing only the freshest
and most authentic ingredients in its products. Their commitment to maintaining the utmost quality in
their offerings has led customers to inquire about their secrets, as they stand out from larger corporate
bakeries that fail to deliver the same level of authenticity. Since making Menifee their home, Anguiano
feels a sense of belonging with the community’s diverse cultures, heritage, and family traditions. They
express gratitude for the opportunity to serve the community, which has warmly embraced their

“Anguiano’s Bakery serves as a unifying force for the diversity in Menifee’s business community,”
said Mayor Pro Tem Bob Karwin. “They actively participate in cultural events held within the city and
consistently seek means to give back in Menifee. It is with pride we are excited to recognize
Anguiano’s Baker as this month’s spotlight!”

Please visit Anguiano’s Bakery in the Cherry Hills Plaza at 26816 Cherry Hills Blvd, Menifee, CA