Menifee First City in Southwest Riverside County to Begin Jobs Blueprint Plan

The City of Menifee is excited to announce the official launch of the City’s Jobs Blueprint Plan, positioning Menifee as the first city in Southwest Riverside County to undertake this type of plan for targeted job creation. This plan will include developing a “roadmap” that will assist in attracting additional high-skill, high-wage jobs, and provide additional amenities and cultivate necessary talent pools. These are imperative to close the workforce gap with targeted jobs in Menifee and the Southwest Riverside County region.

By working with a diverse group of partner agencies, the city can garner a broad picture of necessary resources, challenges, and steps needed to attract desired industries through investment in the highly skilled workforce in Menifee. The partner agencies from around the region (Riverside County Workforce Development, Riverside County Office of Economic Development, intermediary, high school, higher education, healthcare, finance, advanced manufacturing, life science, and information technology) came together on August 26, 2021, in what was the first of many stakeholder strategic committee sessions, to discuss current/changed labor market information for the city, region, and state. Stakeholders provided target industry input for the development of the blueprint plan (addressing needs, challenges, availability, and resources of targeted industries and their local talent) paving the way for the region.

The new plan will assist Menifee with attraction needs and increasing targeted talent and skilled workforce for identified diverse high-wage and high-skill positions based on the city’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), which aims to diversify its local economy for long-term sustainment. Overall, the new jobs plan focuses on short- and long-term goals, where pursued job creation would eventually increase the overall quality of life in Menifee by reducing commuter times as well as provide additional and higher-end amenities for residents
due to the higher incomes, demographics, and jobs created in the area.

The Jobs Blueprint Plan is based on the City’s CEDS approved by the Menifee City Council in 2018, which is a fluid five-year plan that utilizes stakeholders, labor market data, target industries, and identifies labor sectors aimed at diversifying the local economy and creating quality jobs both in Menifee and the Southwest Riverside County region. To ensure synergy with the region and our partners, the Menifee Jobs Blueprint is closely in line with the County of Riverside’s CEDS.

“The Jobs Blueprint Plan is an innovative approach, that will benefit the City, our residents, and larger Southwest region, by growing and attracting sought after key industries to Menifee, while also developing and engaging with our skilled workforce in the city,” said City Manager Armando G. Villa. “Menifee, its City Council, staff, and stakeholders are all working diligently to provide for an increased quality of life for our residents, and they regularly collaborate to develop curriculum, pathways, programming, and education needs, among others, to showcase how Menifee is the best place to grow, expand, or begin their business venture as the talent is here.”

Mayor Bill Zimmerman continues, “This is why we hold regular Mayor’s Idea Exchange meet-ups with each industry sector that the City is targeting, including leading the Southwest Technology Council of Riverside County and Manufacturing Council of Southwest Riverside County, as these support networks are the fabric needed to grow them here in Menifee and regionally.”