Menifee Launches First Grant for Unique Eateries in Southwest Riverside County

The City of Menifee is now accepting pre-applications for the Menifee M.E.N.U (Mom and Pop, Entertainment, New Concept, and Unique) Grant, which will assist with up-front business expenses ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 to bring in unique eateries into the city. This innovative grant is a first for Southwest Riverside County and will help remove market and construction barriers for unique concepts and entertainment proposals from residents. The M.E.N.U. Grant supports Menifee’s Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), meets community and demographic demands, and spurs tourism opportunities in the city.

Eligible expenses with this grant include start-up costs such as grease trap installation, kitchen equipment, and other startup costs (approved by the grant administrator). A pre-application must be filled out by applicants, which requests a list of proposed expenses to be reimbursed/purchased and give full details, including concept board or visual renderings. Pre-applications for the grant will be accepted until December 24, 2024, or until all designated funds have been distributed. If the proposal does not meet the selected committee’s standards, applicants will have the ability to reapply one additional time.

“Menifee’s M.E.N.U Grant will leave a long-lasting beneficial impact on the community by removing barriers for culinary entrepreneurs to transform open locations and incoming ones to fully functioning restaurant concepts that will offer our city with new and exciting eatery and entertainment destinations,” said Economic Development Director Gina Gonzalez. “Our City Council has been very supportive of opportunities that assist our local businesses in meeting the community demand for innovative and dynamic dining options.

For more information about the M.E.N.U. Grant Program, please contact the Economic Development Department at (951) 672-6777 or email To complete a pre-application, visit