Budget Update

Information on Measure DD:

Menifee’s Voter-Approved Local Funding for City Services

In November 2016 Menifee voters enacted Measure DD. Voter-approved Measure DD funding has allowed the City to maintain and enhance city services and programs before and during the current COVID-19 crises including emergency preparedness, police and fire services, and road safety and traffic mitigation.  Measure DD funds are required to remain local and are not subject to state takeaways. An independent Citizen Oversight Committee provides a review of Measure DD expenditures to ensure funds are spent as voters intended.

The City is now facing the future potential loss of these locally-controlled funds. The City was recently notified that a measure to terminate Measure DD funding has qualified for the November 2020 election. The Measure DD Repeal Impact Report details the impacts of this potential loss of funding. Measure DD is a voter-approved one-cent sales tax that provides local funding that cannot be taken by the State.

This webpage details the budget impacts of voter-approved funds and answers questions the City has received about the potential repeal of these funds.

Service Impacts of Local Voter-Approved Funding (Measure DD)

Maintaining Critical Local Services

Measure DD helps maintain fiscal stability and provides locally-controlled funding to provide essential services, including among others:

  • Adequate paramedic and firefighting equipment
  • Emergency medical and disaster preparedness response
  • Maintaining 31 police officers positions
  • Emergency healthcare supplies for paramedics, firefighters, and police officers
  • Neighborhood, schools, and parks police patrols
  • Safe roads and addressing traffic congestion
  • Senior/disabled/youth programs and other General Services
Enhancing Public Safety and Other Essential Services

With this voter-approved funding, the City has been able to improve services that address priorities we’ve heard from residents, such as increasing public safety and addressing roads and traffic congestion:

  • The formation of Menifee’s local Police Department: Menifee’s Police Department will increase officer hours by 67% to serve the community – protecting emergency response times, neighborhood/school patrols, and other public safety programs.
  • Maintaining Emergency Preparedness: Local funds have helped ensure firefighters and paramedics are equipped with the tools they need to respond quickly and remain prepared for local emergencies, including adequate staffing and an additional medical unit.
  • Improving Road Safety and Traffic Congestion: Maintain road/pothole repair, resurfacing and safety improvements on twenty miles of City roads, and sidewalk improvements to enhance pedestrian safety.
Budget Impacts of the Potential Repeal of Voter-Approved Funding

If local funding is repealed the City would no longer receive an estimated $12 million annually. This loss of funding could impact service levels, including substantial reductions to nearly every City service to accommodate the loss of $12 million in revenues.

The following service cuts have been outlined:

  • 31 fewer patrol officers
  • Possible closure of Sun City PD Sub-station
  • Loss of two medical units
  • Severe reduction in local firefighting staffing
  • Closure of one fire station
  • Cancellation or delay of scheduled road safety and traffic improvement projects
  • Cuts to code enforcement including beautification efforts, blight reduction and addressing illegal dumping
  • Reduced and limited programs for youth and senior services
  • Broad cuts in service on top of budget reductions due to the COVID-19 crises
Timing of the sales tax repeal initiative

By California statute, it will be on Menifee’s November 2020 ballot.

Measure DD Oversight Committee


The Measure DD Oversight Committee meets a minimum of twice per year and on an as needed basis in the Menifee Council Chambers located at City Hall - 29844 Haun Road, Menifee, CA 92586. 


The Measure DD Oversight Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council to review, monitor, and oversee the appropriation of sales tax proceeds from Measure DD and to recommend the use of sales tax proceeds from Measure DD.

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Video Transcript

00:00 Bill Zimmerman, Mayor: As measure DD repeal impact report the recommended action for this will be to receive and file mr. city manager would

00:07 you introduce who is going to be presenting this evening yes mr. mayor this this actually will be presented by

00:14 Jeff Wagner why I'm in our assistant city manager if you recall that the meeting of April proteins the council

00:22 requested that we come back with a report on the probable impacts of the repeal effort and I think at this point

00:30 I'd like to yield a mic to our assistant city manager appointment to give us an overview thank you can you hear me okay

00:41 just want to make sure yes sir great wonderful so to see me we have the measure DD proposed repeal report for

00:53 Election Code section 92 12 next slide please so a little background on this item may

01:06 recall back in November of 2016 the residents of Menifee passed a measure DD overwhelmingly vote 67% and this

01:16 initiated a 1% sales tax now one of the features of a sales tax is that it is not solely paid by the residents of the

01:28 city of Menifee it is also supported by those that come into the city and shop and buy and eat in the city the purpose

01:39 of the measure DD was to support critical services including police fire and road infrastructure projects the

01:50 funds are required to remain local and this is very important item especially in these days right now I just heard

01:59 today that the governor had announced that they're facing a fifty four billion dollar shortfall in their

02:07 News 4 this year and they're trying to find every dollar of revenue they can and the city of Menifee was on the short

02:16 end of that stick previously where we had lost our viola funding before that ended up costing us about 25 plus

02:27 million dollars in the short term that we were without that revenue so this measure D D is remains local and the

02:38 state and the federal government cannot take it the measure also shortly after it was approved the City Council

02:49 approved the measure DDS is an oversight committee it is formed of citizens and they do a great job they meet several

02:58 times during the year to the recommended budgets and then also to make a recommendation to Council along those

03:07 uses of thoughts today measure D D has been collected since January 1st 2017 next slide please

03:19 this is just a quick item it is this is just a picture of the ballot language from 2016 identifying that measure D D

03:37 was a public safety traffic congestion relief and vital city services measure next slide please

03:46 give you kind of a fiscal impact on measure D D since its since its inception the revenues collected through

03:59 the fiscal year 1920 have been over 33 million dollars and next fiscal year in fiscal year 2021 we're anticipating

04:09 revenues coming in at a little bit above a million dollars and that's a little bit that's been lowered because of CO

04:16 vid 19 and I'll cover that in a future slide here slightly though kind of an important

04:29 note is that measure D D augments all the public services safety services that you see highlighted here and it really

04:39 it's not the entire budget for each department but it is a major portion of them and I'll cover the percentages here

04:46 in a little bit but to give you an idea of so for fiscal year 1920 the Riverside County Sharpe contract 3.5 million

04:55 dollars was allocated to that the minute the police department the new Menifee police departments its start up year was

05:03 allocated 5.7 million dollars the fire department was allocated 3.8 million dollars code enforcement a little bit

05:12 over three hundred sixty thousand dollars and infrastructure and capital improvement projects and new Public

05:19 Works equipment was a little bit over three point four million dollars though for 1919-20

05:27 was a little bit over seventeen million dollars now I do want to note that that includes some funds from a prior year

05:36 and use of prior year fund balance that wasn't and lastly I want to note I came up I know I noted these numbers in

05:49 yesterday's budget workshop there were a little bit different from the numbers I had in the staff report so my numbers in

05:57 the staff report for fiscal year 1920 did not include the use major adjustments so this is the total for

06:06 1920 here the 17 million dollars next slide please moving forward to projections for fiscal

06:17 year twenty and twenty-one the four measure DD revenue our original projections that we received from HDL

06:25 earlier came in at eleven point seven unfortunately due to kovat nineteen had updated projections from HDL reduced

06:36 that by a little bit over 1.4 million new projection for 2021 is almost 10 point three million dollars and to give

06:47 you an idea of what that is for the city's budget it is 17 percent of the city's budget next slide please

07:01 so to kind of highlight what that ten point three million dollars is being allocated to as part of the proposed

07:10 budget for 2021 which I know you heard some of the numbers yesterday in your budget workshop this would be for

07:20 Menifee PD four point three million dollars which is twenty nine percent of the refugees budget as proposed for next

07:29 fiscal year the fire department three point six million twenty five percent of their

07:34 proposed budget cut enforcement a little over three hundred thousand dollars or thirty three percent of their budget and

07:42 infrastructure and CIP a little bit over two million dollars for the total of ten point three million now I did want to

07:50 highlight a note that as I mentioned earlier measure D D was for public safety and infrastructure and throughout

07:59 the three and a half years that we've been collecting it we have been continued to deliver on our promise to

08:04 use those funds solely for public safety and infrastructure projects as we are continuing to through the proposed

08:12 budget for next fiscal year next slide please so the question is what is the impact of

08:22 the loss of measure D D funding especially to the implementation of critical public safety services

08:29 especially moving forward next slide please this just kind of highlights again and

08:36 it's the common theme and I've said it a couple times I'm just gonna sorry I'm gonna say it again the objective of the

08:42 measure or to assist critical see services including police fire code and infrastructure projects to maintain safe

08:51 roadways next slide so the Community Impact the reduction in Menifee of Police Department for next fiscal year

09:05 if you take out four point three million dollars or a loss in funding that would be twenty nine percent of the fiscal

09:14 year proposed twenty twenty one Police Department budget the easiest way to equate this and loss of what that would

09:24 mean to the police department is directly to patrol officers so this is the equivalent of thirty one less patrol

09:33 officers which equates to one hundred and seventy four less patrol hours per day now of course any reduction in

09:43 officers on the street or a reduction in Public Safety police department means a likelihood of longer 9-1-1 response

09:54 times also at risk when you lose that much out of a department for next year would be possible inability to pay for

10:04 dispatch agreement which we have with the city of Marietta the elimination of volunteer citizen control program and

10:13 also the possible closure of the Sun City PD substation so and or other possible operational cuts and the reason

10:24 I say that is that because Public Safety is a top priority for the City Council and for the city as a whole in probably

10:33 is not prudent to cut the total of four point three million dollars out of the police department's budget entirely and

10:42 the city would be forced to look at cutting funding from other departments and services are well across the city to

10:51 be able to make sure that we would be able to support these police department and lastly I want to note that the city

10:58 is fully committed to forming the PD and starting on July 1st 2020 which is less than two months away I know our chief is

11:07 getting a little a little anxious about that time coming forward but I know he's confident in being able to pull that off

11:15 he's been adding personnel officers and getting them into training and I know he is confident that he'll be ready to go

11:22 on July 1st on 2020 mr. Wyman before you change the slide just for the sake of the public when they see that volunteer

11:34 citizen patrol program that's the new name for what is commonly known today as crime watch the Sheriff's Department

11:43 program is crime watch yes and so it would transition from that to the Menifee Police Department with the

11:51 current name of volunteer citizens Patrol yes sir thank you thank you next slide please

11:59 moving on to the fire department so a 3.6 million dollar loss to the fire department

12:07 this is 25% of the 2021 fire department budget and what this equates to is a loss of the station 7 medic squad and

12:19 the five personnel that staff that which is something we just added probably about a year year and a half ago an

12:27 additional loss of a medic squad truck that we were proposing for next fiscal year purchasing an additional truck and

12:36 programming that into service in the southwest portion of the city a loss of likely loss of an additional medic

12:45 engine and the six personnel that support that engine an additional other four firefighter positions so a total

12:53 that equates to a total of 15 firefighting positions that would be a loss

13:01 so again the same with the police department here that much of a loss across the city for fire services may

13:13 not leave the particular stations in full service mode and so then we may be forced to look at the closure of a fire

13:26 station to keep the other fire stations fully purposed with personnel and again with the same with the fire with the I'm

13:36 sorry the police department this would likely result in longer 911 times next slide please

13:49 a reduction in the code enforcement there's three hundred and two thousand slated as proposed for next year's

13:57 budget that would be a 33% portion of the code enforcement budget this equates to a loss of the three code enforcement

14:06 officers that measure DD is currently paying for this results in a reduction in municipal codes safety enforcement

14:14 across the city next slide please regarding infrastructure and road safety projects measure DD funding is currently

14:29 used to leverage other funding projects to be able to complete more CIP projects across the city so to date just kind of

14:40 give you an example for the three and a half years that we've been operating in programming measure DD funds twenty-one

14:47 projects totaling over 50 2.7 million dollars have been assisted with almost nine million dollars in DD funding the

14:56 completed projects include ten street resurfacing widening and a de retrofit projects seven missing sidewalk projects

15:05 one freeway interchange project the Scott Road I to 15 project which will be opening up here

15:13 completely shortly which will be a great addition to the circulation in that area it also has completed two traffic

15:23 signals and more projects slated for DB funding will be program for twenty and twenty-one and beyond so yes

15:37 get off that the the street resurfacing you know supporting understand that that resurfacing is done in the neighborhoods

15:44 that been that has been needed in the past that's what that you know I think is important though that's what's on the

15:49 line is that you know all the work that our great engineering folks have been doing it you're getting all that

15:58 resurfaced a neighborhood but this is going directly back into the to our neighborhoods by resurfacing their

16:06 streets you are so correct is definitely is allowed the city to leverage the dimetric DDD funds as I've mentioned

16:16 before for fiscal year nineteen twenty as an example we were able to use measure D D funds and assisted in

16:25 leveraged a twenty six million dollar CIP program for fiscal year nineteen twenty

16:33 next slide please so looking forward though the same aspect applies to fiscal year 2021

16:46 there is proposed a little over two million dollars to be used for road safety and capital improvement projects

16:54 this would leverage and to support a fifteen million dollar proposed CIP program for fiscal year twenty and

17:02 twenty-one and the loss of the twenty two million dollars would put at risk multiple projects including the moving

17:11 forward in a timely manner with the Holland Road over crossing the Bradley bridge multiple resurfacing projects in

17:20 across the city the Scott Road and Menifee Road sidewalks and other new roads and Street

17:28 improvements and traffic signals might have to be postponed and in addition still many more needs in

17:35 the city are required in the three years of measure DD funding is really not enough to fulfill all the projects that

17:43 the city needs to maintain safe roads and a safe circulation element next slide please

17:56 so to give you to kind of expand on the fiscal impact this apply chart gives you an idea of the five-year measure DD

18:05 revenue projection which right now would be five years into the future our projection is fifty six point four

18:14 million dollar impact that based on current allocations would be a reduction of twenty five point four million

18:25 dollars out of the PD budgets for the next five years nineteen point seven million for flyer and for capital

18:33 improvement and safety road projects eleven point three million dollars additional impacts so there is

18:46 additional impacts especially along the lines of economic development the decreased public safety and

18:52 infrastructure can lead to multiple issues across the city including difficulty in attracting and retaining

18:59 businesses and industry halting of investment in the city many investors in the city from outside stakeholders will

19:09 look to the city to see if the city's investing in their money into their city to improve it and if they do not see

19:17 that they will they may choose to put their investments in other places this can also result in reduced production of

19:26 local jobs and all these items can move towards stagnation and property values overall this can lead to a diminished

19:37 quality of life there's not a few residents when other items is that without the measure D

19:43 defunding this puts the city in a disadvantage to other cities who do have sales tax measures and a lot of them are

19:51 surrounding cities to menifee this includes Temecula Marietta Wildomar and Hammond

19:57 so those cities will be able to continue to invest their sales tax measure funds into the city if the measure Dini funds

20:06 go away the city of minifee will not have that ability and we will be in catch-up mode continually trying to keep

20:16 up with these other cities that have more funding for their cities next slide please

20:24 so in conclusion a 17% loss of funding will likely cause significant cuts to public safety across the board in the

20:37 city it will halt or delay Road and traffic improvement projects within the city cause a substantial reduction to

20:44 all develop all sorry all departments reduce and limited and limit services to Revit residents within the city

20:55 including senior services it will also likely cause underfunded city budgets or deficits cause an inability to recruit

21:08 quality personnel to work for the city and broad cuts will be on top of and compound the broad cuts and service

21:18 reductions caused by Koba 19 crisis as you may recall from the budget workshop yesterday the current co vid 19 crisis

21:30 is causing about a 1.5 million dollar reduction in revenue this fiscal year fiscal year 1920 and we're projecting a

21:42 5 million dollar cut to 2 20 and 21 budgets so when you compound that with a loss of funds of measure DD if

21:55 this repeal was successful it would have huge impacts across the city next slide please

22:04 continuing on conclusion and slides so again it's a twelve million dollar annual or 56 million dollar loss over

22:14 five million dollars restating again substantial reduction in critical services PD fire and CIP it will affect

22:25 the emergency and critical service delivery to our residents citywide and it will cause and lead to the city being

22:34 forced to identify other revenue alternatives including possible Public Safety citywide assessment or CFDs

22:43 and/or increased fees and/or City conditions on development projects this will also cause an immediate fundamental

22:55 shift and on the viewpoint of residential growth in the city as you all know we are the fastest growing city

23:02 in the county of Riverside one of the fastest in the state however it will cause us to look at phasing in only

23:10 fiscally sustainable residential developments that can pay for their impacts to the city without the measure

23:19 DD funds being available and because of those residential developments are a large or larger draw on public safety

23:29 services the city will need to be realistic when reviewing projects to make sure they are fiscally sustainable

23:36 if this can't be achieved one possibility is a residential development moratorium lastly all things consider

23:48 the timing of the repeal effort is not good considering the Cova 19 loss in funding that were currently experiencing

23:57 and just the overall decrease in funding that would go towards public safety and infrastructure projects

24:04 with the fiscal realities of today and with a growing city the city will be forced to reduce public safety and

24:12 critical services across the board next slide please and with that that is the end of my

24:19 presentation I am open to any questions all right Thank You mr. Wyman council members this isn't comment time this is

24:28 question time before we take public comments what do you got for questions I have a question for mr. Wyman and you

24:42 says I see there's about 41 participants so maybe there's some residents watching this education a ballot measure and the

24:54 cost yes so including the staff for thank you I did not have that in my presentation but pointed up here as we

25:06 speak the ballot a ballot measure the ballot measure is being brought up by two individuals that wanted this

25:17 repealed on the ballot measure and then they got signatures so I guess you could say more than two yes I'm trying to find

25:26 the exact number I know the I know the city clerk knows that probably off the top of her head but I think it's fifty

25:31 or sixty thousand dollars that the city will have to spend to put the repeal measure on the ballot and this is

25:41 because not our choice but because you're correct it is not the city that is choosing to put this repeal measure

25:51 on the ballot but because the repeal measure satisfied two to be on the ballot the city is required to process

26:01 it and those costs are required to be paid by the city to put the item on councilmember so back this it's Geoff

26:11 mill Ching I just wanted to let you know the the Registrar of Voters estimated at between forty and fifty thousand dollars

26:19 thank you very interesting thank you other questions Madame clerk do we have any requests to

26:32 speak on this item yes we do have a couple of public comments first one is from Rick Croix honorable counsel I like

27:02 most people do not like the idea of additional taxes it has been my experience that state and federal taxes

27:09 always suffer from Christ's creep and always increase here is why measure D D is different revenues from D D are spent

27:19 locally we certainly can't say that above every other tax imposed on us d D has provided fiscal surety to

27:28 menifee giving the city the ability to make improvements infrastructure maintain services and most importantly

27:37 made possible our ability to create our own Police Department the city has done a magnificent job in keeping funds and

27:45 expenditures transparent with its citizens Oversight Committee unfortunately opponents to D D will have

27:53 a perceived advantage with current economic conditions and phan public sentiment against it I hope menifee

28:01 leadership can counter such negative perceptions and make sure Menifee residents know how important these local

28:09 revenues are after all with Sacramento's budgetary woes how long before the governor declares another eken

28:18 like emergency and reaches back for our V the FL fees again to try to balance state shortfalls we need DD more now

28:28 than ever thank you rip boy next comment is from Don Slater lower your taxes and stop the city from

28:44 wasting your money YES on measure D D don't be fooled again and don't listen to Queen B she doesn't give a blank

28:55 about the people Queen B is a big-money player in bed with the home builders developers and Tony Falco Menifee is at

29:05 a tipping point as Queen B turns your once safe friendly small town into more homes more traffic more crime more

29:15 problems more vagrants more taxes more corruption more rigged elections and more victims of frontier and shockingly

29:26 clean B wants to take away your right to vote measure D D will be on the November ballot but Queen B wants to remove it

29:36 she doesn't want you to vote on it at the April City Council meeting Queen B made the absurd claim that the senior

29:45 citizens were hit up and lied to and taken advantage of by person by a person who wasn't honest well I talked to a 70

29:57 year old gentleman for quite some time about measure D D and obviously he had walked getting signatures he never once

30:07 lied to me I wonder who's really lying queen bees defamatory remarks are a disgrace

30:14 shame on you queen bee shame on you at the same City Council meeting queen bee and advocated her position on

30:23 measure D D just after being told that advocating a position was not loud and then queen bee and mr. melchi

30:32 seemed to be hatching a plot to get 1193 seniors to rescind their signatures for realizing they were not in one of their

30:45 secret closed sessions meanwhile the name sat there and did zero letting queen bee get away with anything she

30:53 wanted I guess we know who wears the pants on this City Council the bald renegade rights rights a thief for his

31:04 name a Z that stands for zero next comment is from Breanna Arden me as an active Menifee resident I want to throw

31:22 my full support behind measure DD as we to stay in place as it provides vital funding to our amazing city I firmly

31:34 believe that a majority of our of us residents want this in place so that we can continue to see the positive forward

31:43 movement in our city we are excited to see our new Police Department up and running as well as various other

31:49 important projects myself and many others will be active in showing our support for this important measure thank

31:57 you Briana Hartman it was let me double check I did get a couple more good evening mayor and council members and

32:13 staff the need of having measure DD is fiscally important for the continued purpose the voters approved recommend

32:21 city council to authorize city clerk to prepare and file a resolution with a rebuttal argument for the voters ballot

32:28 November 3rd 2020 also recommend for City Council to direct the city attorney to provide an impartial analysis and

32:37 have it filed with the rebuttal arguments to voters Valley they're 2020 Michael cano

32:45 chair measure DD Oversight Committee then the next comment is from Alex knob as a reminder the County Council is here

32:59 to vote whether or not to adopt the measure if the city chooses not to adopt the measure it goes to the ballot the

33:06 council is not here to discuss whether or not this should pass a voter vote okay thank you madam clerk so at this

33:27 point we are open for comments and discussion I kind of agree with Miss nob it's not really a time to campaign one

33:35 way or the other it's a good opportunity for us to simply direct staff to either put it on the ballot or make the

33:45 decision tonight with that I'll open it up for council members discussion yes you know what I just want to I just want

34:12 to thank those volunteers who've been serving on the measure DD Oversight Committee you know more eyes on it to

34:20 make sure it's being spent working thank all those who sent in their comments tonight okay any other comments from

34:39 Council members councilman deines thank you daddy there we go a couple things I'd like to reiterate what I said last

34:54 night in what Jeff had mentioned this presentation that Public Safety is

35:00 important to this council you know and yes it the city will take a big hit without this measure dd as we can see

35:10 from the presentations and I think that's also what Jeff had said which is important to understand is that you know

35:17 this the states in big trouble fifty four billion dollars I mean I can't imagine how many zeros are behind that

35:23 but I think it's important to realize and from experience that the state does their money problems trickle down to the

35:32 county and cities and so our via VLF funds are at risk right now and the and it would be devastating to lose both

35:42 measure D D and the VLF at the same time in a unique situation and it's really exciting that we're starting our own

35:52 Police Department you know we're one of two that's done it and if anyone's had a chance to meet

35:59 some of these officers and they're in chief Walsh's management team they're great people they've got the right

36:06 mindset and I'm sad for July 1 if I hate do anything that would jeopardize their mother comments that when the first

36:17 comment or Rick Croix we said that this money is spent locally it is in fact and the beauty of it is a lot of this money

36:24 that comes in the measure DV is brought in by people outside the city so this is it's almost like we get an extra bang

36:31 for our buck here when people come shopping are in our community because we get we got great shopping here or and

36:37 we're growing and get only better so I appreciate that comment and with that I'll relinquish my speaking ok very good

36:49 and I made a mistake there's looking ahead at item 4.4 which is our next one and that's where we will be making a

36:56 decision about putting the item on the ballot or not so this is just a receiving file for what mr. Melton just

37:03 presented so with that just for to clarify that point of order we is everybody okay with receive

37:09 and filing the report what are you okay the question that I have then is there was a valid statement here is that just

37:20 for information sake then is that what that's for yeah I believe that was the ballot measure that was on when they had

37:32 I skip right down that part okay okay so let's go ahead and receive and file that item and then let's move to item four

37:41 point four this is the measure DD repeal initiative where we do have a recommended action for this one to

37:48 either we have two options basically to either adopt the ordinance and repeal measure DD without any alteration or

37:57 authorize the clerk to prepare the resolutions to put the item on the ballot in November so with that I'll ask

38:03 our clerk to introduce the item and give us an update Thank You mayor I will be brief it's everything you just said the

38:15 item before you is to decide what to do next with the measure dd repeal initiative initiative petition on April

38:27 15th the repeal was certified as sufficient for the November 20 20 generations and at that time the City

38:36 Council had asked for a full report on the impacts of the to the city a measure dd were to be repealed that report you

38:47 just heard tonight that leaves the City Council with two options as you said to choose from one is to adopt the proposed

38:57 ordinance without any alterations which if repeals measure D D and then the council's second option is to authorize

39:08 the city clerk to prepare the required resolutions to submit the proposed ordinance repealing measure D D to the

39:17 voters on November 3rd of this year the resolutions would then brought back to the City Council for

39:24 adoption questions all right any questions we're not gonna have comments you have but questions Matt for the

39:32 clerk okay hearing that madam clerk do we have any requests to speak our commenters that submitted an email to

39:40 you you know what I think all those comments I just read were kind of a combined okay you guys you guys kind of

40:19 break it up a little bit so if you can speak into the mic councilman August for Jeff mr. macho

40:30 Jeff can you unmute yourself sir okay give me an idea what i'm voting for here just so I don't make a mistake I might

40:40 have to go first certainly councilman August there are there are really only two tonight two

40:46 and only two choice number one adopt repeal of measure dd outright and if you do that that'll be effective ten days

40:55 from today what does that mean repeal it means take away that take away the sales tax you mean and that would happen

41:05 basically instantly number two option number two is put it on the ballot in November and lets people vote okay thank

41:14 you yeah okay any other comments I think councilmember Sobek you were saying you feel like we should put it on the ballot

41:22 was that a motion please okay and do we have a second for that motion all right Mayor Pro Tem least Mayer madam Clerk do

41:34 you want to call roll call vote please yes councilmember Civic aye

41:41 councilmember Dinah's councilmember August new year Pro Tem lease Meyer and mayor

41:50 Zimmerman aye all right thank you very much council members it is ten minutes to

41:57 8:00 and we are adjourned thanks everybody nice Jeff Maehl Jeff Wyman good job on

42:06 your presentation you dig is very well done

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Menifee’s budget outlook?

While the current budget is balanced, it was done so with close to $6M in cuts to services, key city projects, and the freezing of any staff hiring’s, and normal attrition to deal with COVID-19 impacts. The City is facing additional immediate and future fiscal impacts due to COVID-19 emergency response efforts and as we plan for our local recovery, along with the potential loss of $12 million annually of voter-approved, locally-controlled funding for city services. The City was recently notified that a measure to terminate Measure DD funding approved by voters in 2016 has qualified for the November 2020 election. The Measure DD Repeal Impact Report details the impacts of this potential loss of funding. Measure DD is a voter-approved one-cent sales tax that provides for locally controlled funding that is used on public safety equipment and services, infrastructure projects, road maintenance and repairs, that cannot be taken away by the State.

Has voter-approved funding maintained or enhanced city services?

Yes. Measure DD helps maintain fiscal stability and provides locally-controlled funding to provide essential services, including among others:

  • Adequate paramedic and firefighting equipment
  • Emergency medical and disaster preparedness response
  • Maintaining 31 police officers positions
  • Emergency healthcare supplies for paramedics, firefighters, and police officers
  • Neighborhood, schools, and parks police patrols
  • Safe roads and addressing traffic congestion

Measure DD has added additional officers and neighborhood street patrols, faster 911 emergency response times, maintained youth, family and senior programs, adequately staffed every neighborhood fire station to ensure effective and well-coordinated emergency medical and fire response services across the City, and funded projects to repair roads, build new bridges and upgrade storm drains that create good-paying jobs and economic opportunities to help keep local businesses sustained amid the COVID-19 recovery.

How would service levels be impacted by the potential repeal of voter-enacted funding?

While the budget remains balanced if local funding is repealed the City would no longer receive an estimated $12 million annually. This loss of funding could impact service levels, including substantial reductions to nearly every City service to accommodate the loss of $12 million in revenues.

The following service cuts have been outlined:

  • 31 fewer patrol officers
  • Possible closure of Sun City PD Sub-station
  • Loss of two medical units
  • Reduction in firefighting staffing
  • The potential closure of one fire station
  • Cancellation or delay of scheduled road safety and traffic improvement projects
  • Cuts to building safety enforcement and beautification efforts
  • Reduced and limited programs for youth and senior services
  • Broad cuts in service on top of reductions due to COVID-19 crises
Will the state help address the financial impacts of potential local funding losses and COVID-19 public safety response and recovery costs?

While we appreciate the work the State is doing to address the health and financial impacts of the current crisis, our City must also continue to be steady and effective in addressing our own unique local needs, especially in these uncertain times. Recent results such as business loans running out, and the lack of adequate state medical supplies only shows that Menifee must continue to be self-reliant in addressing essential services and the road to recovery.

The federal government has not yet provided aid directly to local agencies (other than cities over 500,000), and the State of California’s nearly $60 billion budget shortfall means it is unlikely that the City will receive significant relief from the State.

What other impacts could the loss of voter-approved funding have?

Anticipated reductions to public safety, emergency preparedness, economic development, continued infrastructure improvements, and other quality of life services can lead to:

  • Difficulty in attracting and retaining business
  • Reduced production of local jobs
  • Stagnate property values
  • Diminished quality of life for residents
When does the repeal initiative come before voters?

By California statute, it will be on Menifee’s November 3, 2020 ballot.

How can I get more information?

To learn more about Measure DD and this year’s budget, visit:

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