EDD Reports Menifee Unemployment Rate Declining, and Jobs Rising Steadily

Recent job statistics from the State of California Employment Development Department (EDD) reported an 11.96% rise in employment rates since 2014 in the City of Menifee, creating more than 3,900 jobs since first quarter 2014. Reports state jobs are at an all-time high with second quarter 2017 statistics reporting 36,500 total jobs within the 10 year young city’s boundary.

The City of Menifee experiences steady employment growth as a concentration on economic development continues to be a cornerstone in its effort to create jobs locally, promote, and enhance the local economy, generate sales revenue for services for residents, and improve the overall quality of life of Menifee’s residents. The City is focusing on business attraction, retention, and growing jobs in Menifee.

With a hotel, restaurants, retail, and an RV auto center coming online, the City is working on an updated Economic Development Strategy to grow the start-up ecosystem and entrepreneur community, workforce, and Foreign Direct Investment to diversify and capitalize on growing industries; the City foresees continued job growth for residents to work closer to home thereby reducing their commute time, and increasing their overall quality of life.

Mayor Neil Winter commented “My council colleagues and I are pleased to see Menifee continue to attract reputable companies, and new development projects that equate to long-term job creation for the City.” Mayor adding, “The City is focused on Economic Development to enhance job opportunities here at home, and create an ecosystem that strengthens our local economy.”