'Tis the season to Shop Local in Menifee!

Menifee launches “Shop Local” holiday campaign.

Shop Local Menifee is a city-wide campaign led by Menifee’s Economic Development Department to focus on strengthening our local economy and supporting locally owned businesses.

‘Tis the season to “Shop Local” in Menifee! From November 1 – December 15, 2023, the City of Menifee encourages residents and visitors alike to shop at the variety of businesses throughout the city for all their Holiday needs. From dining and entertainment to beauty and gift giving, there are plenty of ways to support Menifee’s local economy, in fact throughout the 45 days we have lined out 45 fun ways! Check out menifeebusiness.com/45days for an interactive calendar of ways you can support local this season!

Did you know? 52% of general revenue from local retailers is returned to the economy in which they are located. This doesn’t stop at just our brick-and-mortar locations in the city but expands to the hundreds of cottage in-home and online businesses throughout Menifee that attend local markets, sell through online marketplaces, and provide unique retail experiences for consumers. Shopping online with these retailers also helps boost the local economy, encouraging innovation and optimal experiences at competitive retail prices, all while keeping tax dollars in the city for vital services the community relies on.

“The objective of this campaign is to promote and maintain a thriving and sustainable local economy while promoting local pride in the community,” said Gina Gonzalez, Economic Development Director. “Small and locally based businesses make vital contributions to our city and are instrumental in the vibrancy of Menifee.”

See below for places to shop local in Menifee!

The City of Menifee does not endorse, nor is affiliated with any of the businesses below. 

Menifee Eatery Guide (8.375 × 10.875 in)- Explore Menifee
Menifee Eatery Guide (8.375 × 10.875 in)- Explore Menifee (2)