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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Menifee declared a State of Emergency and has created a carve-out for Economic Development policies and programs. As part of the business relief program, the City’s Economic Development Department has rolled-out a NEW Rewards Program, #MeniFREEwards, as a way to encourage patrons to Shop Local in Menifee, and support Menifee’s local eateries who have been hit financially hard by the pandemic.

When a patron orders take-out or delivery from a Menifee eatery, and they “share” it on Facebook, the Menifee Economic Development Department will reward 20 winners DAILY with a $10 MeniFREEward for every $20 they spend on each order ($30 max reward each).

Chinese Take Away Boxes


Participants should post a photo of what they purchased on Facebook AND...

use the hashtag #MeniFREEward

hashtag the Business Name

tell everyone
why you love it!

*Once posted, 20 winners will be selected, and asked by staff to verify their receipt to ensure they met the reward requirements (ex: date, proof of purchase, the amount spent, etc.).


Winners can choose how to spend the $10 reward in the following ways:

Receive the $10 reward in the form of a gift card to the same eatery in Menifee to use another day

Use the $10 reward at another Menifee eatery (Menifee locations only)

Both ways, a Menifee eatery will receive additional support right now, from your order! Be sure to follow the City’s Facebook Page (@cityofmenifeeus) to participate and be on the lookout for highlighted restaurants DAILY!

Menifee Eatery Trophy

The first 20 people who enter the reward process daily, starting at 11 am, and order from one of the 8 highlighted eateries and follow these rules will be invited to show purchase verification and once verified, will be contacted to receive the rewards.

  • Food orders require a $20 minimum order from the participating restaurants highlighted for the day; and
  • 20 winners will be selected to provide verification of purchase and required to have been verified; and
  • Will be provided a $10 #MeniFREEward (max reward of $30 per receipt/purchase. $20 dollars spent per each $10 reward)

To enter the verification process, 20 respondents will have to show the following:

  • Hashtag (#MeniFREEward) and
  • Name and/or social media handle of restaurant and
  • Shown while practicing social distancing, and
  • Why they love the business!!

*Disclaimer: If an order is considered eligible, City staff will reach out each day to 20 residents privately for the receipt for confirmation. Once confirmed, City staff will publicly comment on the posts and send each winner the rewards (via mail, or via online, or directly through the eatery). Rewards are non-transferable;  reward expiration depends on individual participating eateries

Thank you for SHOPPING LOCAL and supporting our MENIFEE Businesses!

For questions about the program, or program rules, please contact the City’s Economic Development Department at or call (951)672-6777.