Under Construction / Coming Soon!

  1. Center Pointe - A retail commercial center that includes 78,417 sq. ft. of building area on 9.14 gross acres. The Retail center joins the line-up in Menifee Town Center and joins the Krikorian Theater, Menifee Plaza, Riverside Mid-County Courthouse, Central Park, and more.
  2. MSJC Stadium-7,000 seat stadium for concerts, playoffs and events. In addition, a 60K sqft. Science, Tech, Engineering, Math building-STEM ($40M).
  3. Menifee Public Library -  Construction is bustling on Menifee and La Piedra Roads. The new library will feature a community room, study rooms, and space for children, teens, and adults.
  4. RV Super Center-The 17,600 sq ft building is currently under construction along McLaughlin Road and Encanto drive. The new auto dealer will be located next to Richardson’s RV, creating an RV corridor in the City's northern end.
  5. Menifee Plaza- The project site is located on the southeast corner of Newport Road and Town Center Drive within the Menifee Town Center Specific Plan. Proposes the construction and operation of two (2) buildings with restaurant and retail uses.
  6. Goetz Plaza- The project proposal includes a 3,800 square foot convenience store, 1,152 sq. ft. carwash and gas station that includes four dual pumps along with a fueling canopy, and a 3,200 square foot fast food restaurant with a drive-thru located on the corner of Goetz Road and Vista Way.
  7. McCall Square- A 132,580 sq. ft. shopping center to include 84,200 sq. ft. building space, consisting of the following:
    • Major A – 45,000 sq. ft. Market
    • Shops - 11,500 sq. ft.
    • Pad A – 6,100 sq. ft. restaurants
    • Pad B – 3,500 sq. ft. drive thrurestaurant
    • Pad C – 3,500 sq. ft. gas station and convenience store
    • Pad D – 14,600 sq. ft. Pharmacy

Recently Submitted

  1. Menifee Crossroads - Proposes a 102,524 sq. ft. office/retail commercial center on an 8.61-acre project site. The office/retail, commercial buildings consist of the following:
    • Major ‘A’ – 37,400 sq. ft. (specialty grocer)
    • Shops 1 – 8,200 sq. ft.
    • Shops 2 – 8,500 sq. ft. with drive-thru
    • Office 1 – 7,000 sq. ft.
    • Office 2 – 36,924 sq. ft.
    • Pad A – 4,500 sq. ft. (restaurant)
  2. Newport Pointe - Proposes a commercial center at the southwest corner of Newport Road and Evans Road on an approximately 11.14-acre site. The project proposes 10 buildings totaling approximately 78,283 square feet. More specifically, the breakdown of building square footage and use information is as follows:
    • Building 1 (Grocery) – 18,048 sq. ft.
    • Building 2 (Retail) – 9,700 sq. ft.
    • Building 3 (Food and Retail) – 7,600 sq. ft.
    • Building 4 (Food and Retail) – 6,400 sq. ft.
    • Building 5 (Day Care) – 9,990 sq. ft.
    • Building 6 (Fitness) – 15,050 sq. ft.
    • Building 7 (Drive-Thru) – 3,000 sq. ft.
    • Building 8 (Drive-Thru) – 2,155 sq. ft.
    • Building 9 (Carwash) – 3,700 sq. ft.
    • Building 10 (Retail/Fuel) – 3,060 sq. ft.
  3.  Freedom Business Park - Proposes the pre-application review of an industrial development consisting of five (5) warehouse buildings with office space, totaling 283,165 square feet at a 17-acre vacant site off Haun Road in the Economic Development Corridor.
  4. Harvest Glen - Proposes a Schedule E Subdivision of 37.06 gross acres into eleven (11) commercial/industrial parcels.  The parcels range in size from 5.05 to 1.06 acres.  The subdivision also includes dedications on Haun and Holland Road and a new proposed public street off Haun Road.  No development or site plan has been submitted at this time; however, the project proposal includes the construction of five (5) water quality Bioretention facilities and mass grading of the site. The property is located north of Holland Road, west of I-215, and east of Haun Road.
  5. United Carport- proposes a 53,500 square foot warehouse and manufacturing building to store prefabricated metal building components inclusive of a 2,400 square foot office and a 51,100 manufacturing and warehousing building.