Menifee Business Park Spark

Menifee Business Park Spark

The second building of Scott Commerce Center is nearing completion, which will complete the first phase of the Scott Commerce Center. The 84,000 sq ft building will add to the first 72,000 sq ft for an aggregate total of 750,000 for the entire project. Scott Commerce Center is Menifee’s first business park, but the future is looking bright for business park and light industrial development in Menifee as the City has seen an increase of the product move through the development pipeline. In addition to Scott Road Commerce Center, the following projects are igniting the business park spark in Menifee:


Freedom Business Park, a 262,701 sq ft business park project along Haun Road.

Architects' Rendering: Menifee Commerce Center, a 1.3 million square foot light industrial space

Menifee Commerce Center, a 1.3 million sq ft project of light industrial on Dawson & Sherman Roads.


NG Commerce Center, a 2.4 million sq ft project along Ethanac Road for light industrial.


Barnett Project, along Ethanac & Barnett Roads, proposes 251,956 sq ft of light industrial.


Capstone Project, proposed a 700,000 light industrial building along Kuffel Road and Wheat Street.


United Carport, a 58,000 sq ft light industrial building on Mapes & Trumble.


Sherman & Mapes Project, proposes 310,290 of light industrial on Mapes and Sherman.


Corsica Business Park, along Wheat Street & Goetz Road, proposes 276,000 sq ft of business park.