Advanced Manufacturing in Menifee

The Most Business Friendly City in Southwest Riverside County

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Your Next Big Business Move

Home to accessible and available land, high-tech new infrastructure, and a skilled, energetic workforce, Menifee is also an ideal home for advanced manufacturing.

If you’re looking for the perfect location to relocate or expand your business, Menifee is your answer. We’re building out our vibrant, visionary community — and our doors remain open to intelligent, innovative, and responsible new neighbors.

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like Menifee. Come see what’s next here.

Quality People.

Wherever You Go.

Why make Menifee your next big business move? Put simply, Menifee is where quality calls home. From our nearly 50 thriving residential communities to our award-winning schools and universities to our fast-growing workforce, you’ll find exceptional people in all corners of our community.

Our surging city lies in the heart of Southwest Riverside County. Since we’re situated along Interstate 215, North San Diego County and Orange County are also easily accessible. An ideal location for industry, Menifee offers entryway to suppliers and customers via rail, port, air, and an array of modern transportation arteries.

The 15-mile trade area population now sits north of 800,000 — or one out of every three county residents. Menifee’s resident workforce is educated (61% some college or higher), compensated ($109,395 average household income), and motivated (median age of 36 years young…and growing younger). This powerful and expanding workforce includes a labor pool in every sector, including advanced manufacturing.

When they’re not working, they’re enjoying everything Menifee has to offer. Great schools. Safe neighborhoods. Expansive parks. An array of activities. Beautiful views. All located near the backroads to Southern California’s wine country. Menifee is truly a great place to live, play, and work.

An Emerging Advanced Manufacturing Hub

The heart of advanced manufacturing is a burning desire to use technological innovation to improve products and processes. Here in Menifee, we understand and feel the same desire. After all, we used technology and creative thinking to design, build, and refine this very special place. We like to think of it as a better approach to business — one that helps create the best overall experience in every aspect of our community.

This innovative, intelligent approach includes initiatives like Streamline Menifee, an ultra-efficient one-stop shop for permits, approvals, and much more housed in Menifee’s state-of-the-art City Hall. We even implemented and continue to evolve a bold Blueprint Jobs Plan. The plan focuses on short- and long-term goals and job creation that will promote high-end amenities, reduce commuter times, and increase the overall quality of life in Menifee. Like you, we understand the importance of planning and building for the future. The word is starting to get out. Industry players such as Datatronics, Forterra, Chute Systems, and Digital Dental Leaders have decided to set up shop and plant a stake here in California’s fifth-fastest-growing city (and #7 Boomtown in the United States).

Dubbed a “National Boomtown and Regional Economic Hub,” Menifee is also one of just a few Southern California communities boasting prime available freeway frontage land and available Business Park-zoned land and industrial space. A truly business-friendly city, we don’t assess utility use taxes — but we do provide various tax credits, incentives, and financing. We’re also home to 165 active development projects, 8.3 million square feet of commercial development, and 2 million square feet of industrial development. We’ve paved the way for all this growth by investing nearly $484 million in infrastructure and traffic improvement projects over the next five years.

Put simply, Menifee is growing. Fast. But we’re still open to innovative and success-oriented new neighbors.

Our Team. Your Desires.
We'll Roll Out the Red Carpet.

Your company isn’t the only organization ignited by passion and innovation. Menifee’s Economic Development Team is driven and dedicated to ensuring your business’ growth in our fast-emerging community.

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At every step of your move here – and well past your arrival – you’ll experience only the finest and most attentive “concierge” service from the Economic Development Team. From business liaison services to site selection assistance to plan checks, this team of professionals is here to help you. We even created a five-person Rapid Response Team that collaborates with the city’s various development divisions to help discover and implement creative solutions.

They’re all motivated to connect with, welcome, and support businesses that desire to plant roots in our high-growth and talent-rich soil. We even established our own Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and corresponding Jobs Blueprint Plan — the first of their kind in Southwest Riverside County and a working, breathing blueprint for sustainable economic development across the region. After all, it’s important to like and respect your new neighbors.

We welcome the opportunity to speak, meet, and grow with you. Soon.



Make it Here. We'll Sweeten the Deal.


  • No Utility Tax
  • Brine Line
  • Fiber Optics
  • Line A Completion


  • Work Force
  • Workforce Development
  • Quality Education


  • Building Better Business through Menifee's Economic Development Department


  • On-the-Job Training through the WDC


  • CA State Tax Incentives
  • Go-Biz
  • Hiring Credit